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Every Nobody is Somebody

A mysterious but instantly likeable drifter arrives in a small Texas town and becomes a popular local hero with acts of selfless heroism.

Soon small town jealousies and envy lead the locals to reject him and Sam Doonby disappears as quickly as he came, leaving them to face terrible repercussions and wonder if he was no more than an illusionand how much difference one man’s life can make.

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  • Promos and interviews clips: with John Schneider, Jenn Gotzon, Robert Davi, Will Wallace and others including Director Peter Mackenzie
  • Alternative Ending: Ever wonder what happened to Tony?
  • Exclusive, never seen before interview: with Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe of Roe v Wade, a moving experience as she shares her thoughts about her life and how she came to play a very poignant role in this movie.
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